Saturday, November 21, 2009

Long Due Update

Since the decision not to used power tools I have not felt inclined to update the blog, perhaps because the pace slowed down to a near crawl.

Though it has been slow, a lot has happened. I got four 6" x 6" cross supports up, and today I cut all of the floor boards for the loft. They are in place, but they have not been secured yet. Some of the wood had mold growing on it from being under the tarp for so long cleaned it with a bleach solution and it needs to dry out completely before I can seal it. I'll seal it up there, but I want to be able to move the wood around and flip it over (which is why it isn't nailed or pegged in place)

Today I also hauled a full length 2" by 12" up on that platform and set it on the big beams to mark the notches that will go in each of my joists. I got that one, which is my template, cut and another joist marked before it got dark. I think that if I really work hard tomorrow I could get all of the notches done. I'll need 17 of them.