Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow days

This is what the house looks like today:

The weather has thwarted any progress. It drains the joy from my heart a little. The house and I had been getting especially closes, spending our days together from early morning until sunset. The end was in sight, I was imagining the bales walls, window boxes with flowers, a double dutch door, and blueberry bushes. My backyard cottage retreat. But now, there is just snow.

Perhaps it is for the best. It looks now like I won't be moving in until the winter is waning, and to be honest I'm glad to not have to deal with freezing temperatures my first nights in the bale house. By next winter I'll have time to properly prepare for the snow and cold, and I imagine it will be a more pleasant experience then moving in right now, were I ready.

For now I have a garden to plan, and maybe if the weather is going to continue being like this I should get my generator stand out of storage and start working on making it work.